Auer Witte Thiel Rechtsanwälte views itself as a modern legal service provider that covers the entire range of receivables management. We reduce your costs by outsourcing accounts receivable management and will discreetly collect outstanding debts – enabling you to focus on your business successes.


As the client, you are our top priority. Our actions are driven by your wishes. We are a highly-specialised service provider and contribute to your success by inserting our competence and experience into your business processes.

Your contact person – the lawyer

At our firm, you will always be supported by the same lawyer and his team. We place great importance on maintaining personal contacts. You can also contact this person to discuss legal questions that are not directly related to the case at hand.

Individual service

Auer Witte Thiel Rechtsanwälte is able to address your individual dunning requirements. We will adjust the accounts receivable management system to your requirements and the debtor’s situation at each phase of the workflow. At your request, we can also formulate different dunning letters: understanding or insistent, target-oriented and with the required sense of urgency.

Similarly, we can also look after objections by debtors, which are raised in different ways depending on the issue at hand, in accordance with your requirements. You know your customers best: we utilise this knowledge to contact your customers using a targeted and personalised approach – a guarantee for maximum effectiveness.


We provide regular reports on payments, activities and the status of each receivable – daily, weekly or monthly, depending on your wishes. The contents and scope of the analyses will be arranged with you on the basis of your requirements. In addition, we also provide a web interface that can be used to track each event around the world 24 hours a day in real time.

Technical details

Auer Witte Thiel Rechtsanwälte manages huge volumes of data every day. In this context, we rely on modern and powerful technology. Our firm’s in-house IT network consists of many high-performance servers, firewalls, web servers and state-of-the-art periphery devices. High-performance printers enable us to complete thousands of print jobs every hour. State-of-the-art, redundant mail processing ensures the seamless management of huge output volumes. Our document management system allows employees to access all data and documents in a matter of seconds.

The firm’s IT department rapidly implements your technical requirements in a professional manner. We will customise and (if required) adjust interfaces and analyses to your requirements. We also take data security very seriously. Our IT experts are always working on technical innovations and update the systems on a continuous basis. State-of-the-art technology for demanding clients!


All data and receivables volumes reach the firm via the clients’ interfaces. Analyses and reports prepared by the firm are also forwarded to clients via these interfaces. They are automatically imported into the company’s system.

Our IT department will establish customised interfaces at your request, and will import the same into the data processing system. Interfaces can be made available or programmed in all popular formats.

Prompt attention

Time is money – particularly in the area of receivables management. This requires prompt and concentrated action. Auer Witte Thiel Rechtsanwälte follows the motto “finished in one day”. This means that receivables will be imported and processed in just one day. The first dunning letter leaves the firm on the same day. Objections, requests for instalments and the posting of incoming payments are also managed in accordance with the same motto.